Monday, February 25, 2008

OMA-DM Vs TR-069 - One difference

I found one difference between OMA-DM effort and TR-069.

DSLForum (TR-069) defines multiple technical reports (TRs) describing data models. It defined TRs for Internet Gateway Devices, VOIP TAs, NAS etc.. Within each TR, there are multiple profiles for each of the functions of devices. As I understand there are multiple working groups working on defining data models for different kinds of devices. Also, there are some working groups working on test specifications. It appears that DSL forum, at this time, concentrating on defining as many data models as possible and very active in that.

In case of OMA-DM, I did not see any effort going on in open mobile alliance group (based on public access I have to their site and I may be wrong) to define configuration parameters for different kinds of applications. I am not sure whether it is intentional to keep this effort out of this group. But this is one difference I find between OMA-DM efforts and TR-069 efforts by respective standard bodies.

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