Thursday, September 2, 2010

IPv6 - finally? Is LSN becoming transition technology?

Some articles in recent past is indicating that IPv6 is being adopted by vendors and service providers.

This article here indicates that Cisco has LSN solution for service providers.  As described here, LSN provides transition from IPv4 to IPv6 gradually.  I like the phrase used by Cisco in the article on IPv6 transition -  preserve, prepare and prosper.  Preserve the Ipv4 infrastructure while preparing for IPv4/IPv6 transition (LSN) and then move to Prosper phase with complete Ipv6.

This article here says that comcast is going to test LSN in Q3 2010.  This is very good news that IPv6 is being adopted by service providers.

As I indicated in my previous article LSN itself is not good enough for some subscribers. A+P addition in my view is very much required.

I am not seeing much activity in CPE device market supporting A+P functionality in it.  I guess it is natural that it would happen soon.  I also see some internet drafts which add some additional options in DHCPv6 and PPPv6 to assign PRR address.  I am still yet to see any internet drafts on allocate/de-allocate public IPv4+port pairs dynamically.  If anybody has come across any specifications on this, please comment.

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